The Beginning

“Just as the purity of the heart speaks,

so does the betrayal of the voices inside,

Only when the pain has reached its true devastation,

The black mark will remind of the will to live,

till the end of the time…”

-The Eternal Curse

The 13th century stormy night hovering over 1000 – year old Ruah monastery came unannounced ahead of the red lunar eclipse which took place once in every 700 years. The fierce Sinai valley flowed in front of the high walled fort facing the unshakeable Himalayas.

Managing to stay on her course bare-footed, along the fields, Maya saw a light coming from what appeared to be a small stoned opening. Reaching through the rocky road in her tethered robe, her body gave up under the dimly lit wooden gate.

She fell unconscious with the burns of the black mark on her right wrist.

——To be continued——

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